The Land Rover is very comfortable with excellent visibility and ideal for the terrain and narrow lanes on the moor. Tich is a very careful and competent driver.

Perhaps the best thing about Tich’s tour is his personal touch and the flexibility of the itinerary. Thoroughly recommended!

Jane Rhodes

Thanks Mr Scott, “Tich” for a great day travelling around Dartmoor, all six of us really enjoyed the day, and I’m sure its not the usual coach tour, not around some of those lanes!

Loved Princetown and nice lunch at Postbridge, the beer was ok but we decided it was an acquired taste. Visiting “Jays Grave”, that poor girl, what a sad story, then onto Mortenhampstead and onward to the Fingle Bridge Inn (cream teas a must try) loved every bit and the weather was great. A super day had by all, and loved your stories and your accent!

On our next holiday in Devon we hope to see you again. Good luck from us all.

Larry Parsons

I recently experienced a wonderful moorland Landrover trip hosted by Tich Scott. It was a surprise journey and I had no idea as to where we were going, there was excitement around every corner and the commentary was brilliant with great responses in the Devonshire dialect to all of my spontaneous questions.

It was certainly memorable and I can recommend Proper Dartmoor Tours for all sorts of occasions, at any time of the year and in all types of weather.

Bill Murray

I just wanted to send a big thank you to you for the amazing & truly enjoyable experience I had on your Dartmoor tour.

I love holidaying in Devon but did not know very much about the moors however by taking part in your tour I feel i learnt a huge amount about the beautiful countryside but also the great number of places of interest that I had never heard of.

To be taken very comfortably from place to place, such as Widdecombe & the Dartmoor prison plus many others but also to see places like lovely Dartmeet & many incredible views was a real delight.All the stopping off places were also very enjoyable & hospitible, but I most of all enjoyed your running “commentary” which all the group enjoyed with many laughs but also learning very interesting facts!.

So thank you for your knowledge & I look forward to returning hopefully with some of my family & joining another tour providing you are doing it.

Meg Saywood

We are expats living in Switzerland and came to Dartmoor to experience the real thing. Titch Scott proved to be just that. From a Dartmoor family that traces their history back to the time of James the 1st he knows the “nooks and crannies” of the moor with its history and a wealth of stories, surely not all true, to add colour to the day.

Starting from Chagford we set off for Drewsteighton and then to Fingal bridge and, as was to continue for the rest of the day, Titch seems to know everyone we met!. Going by some tracks we made it to Easton Cross and then out onto real Dartmoor by roads that were made for either cars of an earlier age or just a horse and cart!

Stopping at the Warren Inn for lunch, we began to experience the magic of the high moor. Prince town was our next destination with the famous prison with the Hound of the Baskerviles surely close by. On to Widecombe-in-the-moor, the famous destination of Uncle Tom Cobberly and all, we sang the chorus several times, and visited it’s famous church. Tavistock with its granite building and splendid square were next and a Devonshire cream tea!

On way back to Chagford we past remnants of stone chimneys showing of Dartmoor’s tin mining past then more small roads before ending the day in the Ring o Bells at the square in Chagford where we started. A really great tour of “Proper Dartmoor”.

Jenny and Mark Barks-Taylor